Paddle at the Pear Tree!

Get Fitter and Faster
with Northland Paddleboarding!

Stand up paddleboarding is good for you! The physical and mental health benefits are manifold - click here to find out more about them.

Any time you go paddleboarding, you're doing yourself some good. But if you really want to step it up, then here's what we have to offer:

Fitness Sessions. Class sessions, using your paddleboard as the platform to achieve a tough, robust yet highly enjoyable workout. Find out more...

Power Sessions: Fitness sessions (including time off the water) where we work specifically on improving your paddling fitness, so you can paddle faster and harder, for longer. Find out more...

These are done in conjunction with Fusion Fitness, who can help with many other aspects of functional fitness.

The Health Benefits

The extraordinary health and fitness benefits of SUP have been a primary driver of the sport's incredible growth. It has become an essential cross-training tool alongside running, swimming and cycling for athletes
from a wide variety of disciplines, thanks to its core strengthening and balance training benefits. Even if you're not remotely into paddleboarding, if you're into improving your fitness then you'll get a whole lot out of paddleboarding fitness. Athletes from almost every sport are incorporating paddleboarding into their cross-training now. Low-impact yet as aerobic as you want to make it, and with the ever-present extra element of balance work and the extreme focus on the core, it's hard to beat!

There are also an increasing number of referrals from doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc, who are
delighted to be able to recommend a low-impact activity which really targets that all-important core area, as so
many back problems are a direct result of (or exarcerbated by) weak core strength.

However, what has also been catching the attention of the weight-conscious public are the extremely high calorie burn rates. At its most extreme, ie when paddling flat out, you can be burning up to 1000 calories/hr, (compare to running, where you'll be lucky to get 600 calories/hr). Even sedentary paddling still burns calories at the same rate as a good hike.

So here's an easy outdoor sport that can be done socially, or competitively for those who like the extra adrenalin rush, feels good, and burns a bunch of calories too! What's not to like?

But there’s also the sheer feelgood factor. Even if it's just a gentle cruise around the lake or harbour, you feel good after a paddleboard session in a way that very few other sports can offer, despite what seems like relatively low levels of actual effort and adrenalin rush. Because your core muscles are having to work continuously while you're paddle-boarding (and balance is actually a very complicated neuro-muscular function so there are a lot of synapses firing), this triggers extra endorphins; those feel-good chemicals for the brain.

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Fitness Sessions

At the moment these are just being run on demand, but as the water warms up we aim to have at least one regular morning session each week. Come along and start the day with a good hard workout, Gruelling but fun, and very satisfying! And whatever your sport, you'll benefit from the extra element of balance work that is present in all paddleboarding sessions.

We have two general formats:

1. Paddling distance, with fitness moves, sprints and interval training sessions along the route

2. Dedicated fitness sessions, combining dynamic fitness moves with paddleboarding sprints and turns (but not actually travelling very far).

Both work well, and of course we can also mix and match these as required.

We can provide fitness sessions to supplement corporate team building sessions and retreats, school camps, etc. Contact us for more details!

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Power Sessions

If you want to paddle faster and harder, then your first move should be to get some proper coaching and race training. However, there is also plenty of work you can do on strengthening and toning the specific muscle groups used in paddleboarding. Improving these will give you more power and stamina. Our qualified fitness coaches can tailor a gym and on-water programme specifically to target the areas that will most benefit you.

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Fusion Fitness

Our fitness guru on the Northland Paddleboarding instructor team is Marty Leroy, a qualified paddleboard instructor who also runs Fusion Fitness, an organisation committed to the growth of the individual; physically, spiritually and mentally, through sport. For more information on Fusion Fitness and what they can offer, contact Marty on 0272 691674

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