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Ex Fleet boards
We turn over our school fleet boards on a regular basis, so here's a range of last year's gear at excellent prices...Click here to check them out!

Warranty Return Boards
Boards with a construction flaw but still perfectly useable - fabulous bargains!
Click here to check them out!

With all these boards we are happy to offer a demo session so you can try before you buy, if you are in the Bay of Islands area. We can also deliver to anywhere in NZ, for a cost somewhere between $10 and $40, depending on how far from Bay of Islands you reside. Just ask for a quote.

Do be aware that you get what you pay for. The paddleboard market is just like the car market - a good quality 2nd hand board of recent vintage is a better purchase than a brand new cheapo board from some Chinese rip-off factory. The difference in quality between the good and the bad in paddleboards is vast, particularly with inflatable boards. Cheap inflatable boards are astonishingly bad - their performance is lousy, their fittings and accessories are appalling and you'll be lucky to get much more than a single season of use out of them. Whereas the good gear performs as well as solid boards, is near indestructible and lasts for a very long time.

But if you can't see what you're looking for here, we may still be able to help. And we're always happy to advise on what you should be looking for in a board, to suit your own particular requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us...

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Ex Fleet Boards

Boards from our school fleet. All are last year's model, absolutely sound and in A1 condition structurally, just a few scuffs and scrapes, maybe a bit of fray on the deckpad, etc. Hence the price ranges shown. All boards can of course be demo'd prior to purchase, if you want to come and try them out.

We offer these boards with an assurance that they will hold their pressure and are in excellent working order. All these boards will be sold with a three month warranty – ie. If there is any failure due to manufacturing or structural reasons, we'll refund your money.

All Red Paddle Co boards come with the backpack+wheels, pretty much brand new, a pump and a repair kit. The boards do NOT come with paddles or leashes – see below for what we have for sale with these.

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The Red Paddle Co Ride family are all-round general purpose paddleboards. All are essentially the same shape, scaled up/down to cater for different rider weights. Pick the right size for the weight of the heaviest person/combination that will be using it. All the Rides other than the 10'8 Windsurf Model have permanently-fixed soft fins, a cargo bungee and fittings, a large towing eye on the nose, and a leash point on the tail.


108rideRed Paddle Co 10'8 Ride
34” Max Width, 290L volume, 120mm thickness
For the rider wanting maximum stability. Ideal for riders of 100kg+, serious cargo carrying, multiple riders, or just anyone wanting an easy ride. Some of the 10'8s in our fleet also have a windsurfing mastfoot attachment built into the deck.
Price range: $900-$1000. (They were $1500 new)

Interested? Contact us now!

108rideRed Paddle Co Race 12'6
28” Max Width, 340L volume, 150mm thickness, RSS
A fantastic entry-level raceboard for 70kg+ riders, that is user-friendly enough to be a great cruiser too. With the patented RSS side batten system and a quality race fin, this board is on the pace with any other 28” raceboard out there, yet has the indestructability and portability of Red Paddle Co inflatable construction engineering. Try before you buy – demo models available!
Price range: $900-1100 (Normal RRP $1899)

Interested in the 12'6 Race? Contact us now!

108rideRed Paddle Co Elite 12'6
26” Max Width, 300L volume, 150mm thickness, RSS
A full-on high performance raceboard for experienced 70kg+ riders, or potentially a first time raceboard for a lighter person. With the patented RSS side batten system and a quality race fin, this board is on the pace with pretty much any other 26” raceboard out there, yet has the indestructability and portability of Red Paddle Co inflatable construction engineering. Try before you buy – demo models available!
Price range: $900-1100 (Normal RRP $1899)

Interested in the 12'6 Elite? Contact us now!

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Warranty Return Boards

We occasionally have boards that were not fit for sale as 1st quality boards, due to a manufacturing defect. The reason we have these is because over the past 5 years we have been handling the warranty returns for Red. (And just in case you're wondering, literally only a couple of percent of Reds come back, out of many thousands sold. Red's stats are by far the best in the business). These are all still perfectly good and functional boards, and are out on the water each week in our school fleet and at the Paddle at the Pear Tree event! So if you don't mind an imperfection or two, there are some real bargains to be had here.

Warranty Return Boards For Sale (all 2015 boards). All come with bag, pump and repair kit. For more information on the reason the board is a warranty return, see below.

Board Issue Price Normal RRP  
Red Paddle Co Snapper 9'4 Slow Leaker $450 $1399 Contact Us

Boards with excess rocker line. The rocker line (the curve/uplift from nose to tail) is pressed into an inflatable board during manufacture, but the odd one gets slightly overdone, resulting in too much rocker – the nose sits higher above the water than it should do. Other than this the board is fine. The practical consequences of too much nose rocker is that the board is a bit slower, more prone to getting blown around in the wind, and for a heavier rider it leaves your feet pretty close to the water. But as a board for just messing around on, particularly for lighter riders, a board like this could make a great bargain.

Boards with Bubbles. The double-skin construction of Red inflatable boards means that just occasionally, a board comes out of the factory with a pocket of air trapped between the skins. From our extensive experience, these bubbles don't amount to anything; they don't get bigger or spread. We have never ever seen one lead to any further degradation of the board. So we reckon these boards to be a pretty safe bet!

Slow Leakers: Inflatable paddleboards are a textile product. Even the best textile production still occasionally produces flaws. A tiny tiny pinprick somewhere in a sheet of cloth can result in a microscopic pore, meaning that over a period of time the board loses pressure. We're talking many days, weeks even. So if you intend to deflate your board after each use then you wouldn't even know you had a slow leaker! Or, if you intend to leave the board pumped up, you'll just need to top it up before a session.

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Paddles and Leashes

You'll need a paddle and leash with your board - here's what we can offer you.

New Paddles: We can supply everything from general purpose all-round adjustable/3 piece paddles, through to state of the art carbon race blades, spanning prices from $179-$799. But to keep things simple, especially if this is your first purchase, then this is what we'd recommend:

Accent adjustable-length fiberglass paddle - normal RRP $199, special package price if bought with any of the boards listed here, $179.

3-piece version (ie blade detaches so it can go into the bag with the board, for travelling)
normal RRP $209, special package price if bought with any of the boards listed here, $189.

Used Paddles: We have a variety of paddles to choose from, ranging from $70-$130

Leashes: Never buy a 2nd hand leash - your leash is your lifesaver! If you are buying a board from us we can offer you a brand new high-quality 6' calf/ankle leash for $20, 8' for $25, or coiled race leash for $40. (All these prices are a discount on normal RRP).


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Try Before You Buy!

The best way to be sure that something is right for you is to try before you buy. With any of the boards listed here we are very happy to organise a demo session for you (you will need to come to us to do this though, we cannot send the boards for demo). Even with the brand new boards still in the box - we have the same model in our working fleet so you can still check out exactly what you will be getting. Contact us to get things moving!

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