SUP Racing is great fun, and an excellent fitness workout. You burn more calories when SUP racing than doing virtually any other sport. There are regular SUP races happening around Northland; very informal gatherings happening every week and attracting many dozens of participants, young and old, fit and unfit, male and female, all just there to have a good enjoyable paddle and burn off some cobwebs, office frustrations, and see if they can improve on last week’s time.

For us here in the Bay of Islands, we have the Pear Tree paddle series every thursday at Kerikeri Basin. More info here…. We also run a weekly squad session for the regular racers on Tuesday mornings. IF this sounds like your sort of thing then come along and join in the Paddle at the Pear tree racing on Thursdays, and talk to us about joining the squad!

And then there are the SUP Nationals – a fabulous day/weekend out down at Omaha Beach in February, with races for all abilities, vast numbers of spot prizes, great goody-bags and the chance to be on the same startline as world champions. If you can paddle more than a kilometre you can enter, everyone is welcome, and really – how often do you get chance to compete in a National Championships?

However, SUP racing really finds out your technique. If you are not paddling efficiently, then you are not going to go fast, or you’ll just tire yourself out. So if you fancy giving racing a go, or simply want to improve your paddling technique and go faster, more efficiently, then book a race training improver session now!

What we cover: Paddling technique, starting technique, pacing, drafting, race turning, tactics and strategy, fitness, choosing equipment.

All race equipment (high performance boards and paddles) are provided, appropriate to your ability.

Initially, we strongly recommend 1:1 sessions for race training, so the instructor can give you their undivided attention and identify exactly what needs to be worked on. For subsequent sessions, it is good to have more people on the water so as to create a more competitive atmosphere and simulate certain race situations.

1 person: $80
2 people: $120 ($60 per person)
3 people: $150 ($50 per person)
4 people: $180 ($45 per person)
5 people: $200 ($40 per person)

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