f you were out there on your paddleboard (or on the beach), and you saw someone in the water who looks to be in trouble, would you know what to do???

Would you be able to rescue that person?

Could you get them onto your board (if that’s the appropriate option) and back to shore?

And then what?

A SUP board is the perfect lifesaving platform & rescue craft IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT…

And you should. Every paddleboarder should know these skills.

So here’s your chance. The Northland Paddleboarding SUP SAFETY course takes just a couple of hours, starting in the class room to cover the essential theory, and then onto the water so that you can learn, experience & practise the drills & rescue techniques for yourself.

We need a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 to run the course. The course costs $150, so if there’s 3 of you that’s $50 each, if 6 then it’s just $25 each – an absolute bargain. It’s a fun course too, you’ll really enjoy it and feel very empowered with the knowledge and skills you get from it.

So – find some friends and sign up now!