SUP Surfing is fabulous fun. However, this too really does require having your fundamental paddling techniques just right. If you’re not already an experienced surfer then there are a whole lot of things you need to know and understand about the way surf and surfing works, before you paddle out into any line-up.

Over the years, Northland Paddleboarding has developed and pioneered an innovative approach to teaching SUP surfing, using flat water drills to teach the essential skills you will need in order to have a successful surfing session. They work so well that almost invariably now, when we take a client out for their first go in the real stuff, they successfully catch and ride a wave on their very first attempt!

So, if you’re keen to get into SUP surfing, then call us and book an improver session. If we think you’re ready for SUP surfing then we can put you through our flat water preparation and education programme (which normally only takes two sessions max), and then, when the conditions are right (ie a small, safe but rideable wave) we’ll get you out there and riding!

What we cover: Paddling technique, how to get out through the surf, how to position yourself in the line-up, how to catch a wave, how to ride a wave, how to finish the ride, understanding the surf zone, surfing etiquette, how to fall and how to recover from a fall (in the surf), surfing hazards, safety considerations.

All surf equipment (boards and paddles) are provided, appropriate to your ability.

We strongly recommend 1:1 sessions for surf training, so the instructor can give you their undivided attention and identify exactly what needs to be worked on. However, larger groups can be catered for if necessary and by special appointment.

Flat Water Surf Training Sessions:
1 person: $100
2 people: $160 ($80 per person)
3 people: $180 ($60 per person)

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Surf Training Sessions at a surf location
The cost for these will need to factor in the extra time and transportation costs, and will vary from location to location.