We are always being asked what is the best electric pump for iSUPs. And we’ve always been reluctant to recommend one because from our experience they’re generally pretty poor. They take ages to inflate the board, they tend to overheat, they can’t cope with more than one board at a time, and they tend to burn out after a few months. All in all, not a great experience. 

However, after a lot of research and discussion with our friends at supboardguide magazine, who do the most comprehensive gear tests you’ll find anywhere in the SUP world, we’ve found an electric pump that really does seem to be up to the job. However, they haven’t been available in New Zealand – until now. 

The Outdoormaster Shark II is the ultimate iSUP pump. Small, but very quick and powerful, and thanks to its built-in cooling system you can inflate numerous boards back to back without it overheating. Set the pressure to exactly what you want, and it cuts off automatically when the pressure is reached.

Check out the full test and review here (This is a proper test, based on how the pumps performed over an entire season, used almost daily. The test started out with 12 pumps in, only 4 lasted the full year!).

The pumps retail for $299 including postage, contact us to order yours. The pump comes with a full 12 months mechanical failure warranty. (Not warrantied against full salt water immersion, for obvious reasons).

The pumps retail for $299 including postage. Stocks are limited, once they’re gone they’re gone. contact us now to order yours.