We are a Registered and Accredited Paddleboarding School offering instruction at all levels, delivered by professional instructors and tailored to your exact requirements.

First time? We’ve introduced countless people to the sport over the last 12 years. You won’t even get wet (unless you want to!). Click here for more information & booking

Already paddleboarding and looking to improve? We can help you progress, refine your style & improve your technique. Either with a single lesson, series of lessons or our amazing and intensive BIG DAY OF SUP course. 

Looking to get into SUP surfing or racing? Look no further. Click here for more information & booking

Just wanting to check out the local area? We can guide you to incredible secret spots you’d never ever find without our local knowledge. Click here for more information & booking on cruises and tours

Would you know how to rescue someone with your SUP? Take our SUP Rescue Course, and learn how your paddleboard becomes an incredibly good rescue tool should you ever encounter someone in difficulties. Click here for more information & booking