A fantastic gift for friends and family. Vouchers are valid for a year and can be redeemed any time, simply contact us to book the session. 

The voucher is for a paddleboard session. The session can be a beginner lesson, or if the recipient(s) is/are already familiar with paddleboarding, a scenic cruise (60-75 mins) and or an intermediate technique coaching session.  

Vouchers are available for individuals, or groups of 2 or 4.

Book your vouchers using the form below, they will be emailed within 24 hours of receiving payment, or a printed version can be sent by post (no extra charge). 

The form asks for a name. This is to personalise the voucher, but it can be transferred to another party. 

    What type of voucher do you require?

    How do you wish to receive the voucher?

    Please make your payment to:

    12-3091-0206197-00  and reference it with your surname as per the details you entered on the form above, and NPVOUCH. 

    Voucher Terms and Conditions

    The voucher entitles the bearer to a lesson with Northland Paddleboarding and is not transferrable to any other paddleboarding school or business.

    Recipients must contact Northland Paddleboarding on 027 777 1035 to arrange their session, which will then be scheduled at the next suitable opportunity taking into consideration weather, tide and applicable locations to the type of session required. The session can be at whatever level is required – beginner to expert.

    Northland Paddleboarding will do their best to accommodate the requirements of the voucher holder in terms of session dates, times and venues but cannot guarantee any specific date/time slot due to the vagaries of the weather, conditions, prior scheduling, etc. 

    The voucher could also be used as part payment for longer sessions or larger groups.

    Each voucher has a unique serial number and can only be used once.

    More information about paddleboarding, what to expect, what to bring, and much more can be found on this website, including a complete breakdown of all the activities we offer..

    The voucher must be used before its expiry date.

    The bearer will only be accepted for a paddleboarding session if they are of sufficient phyiscal fitness, a competent swimmer, not under the influence of any medication or drugs, and have signed the Northland Paddleboarding waiver.

    Northland Paddleboarding reserve the absolute right to refuse participation on grounds of safety issues. If the bearer is not deemed suitable to participate in a paddleboarding session, the cost of the voucher will be refunded, if applicable.